If I may blog a complaint about Boston Proper to you gals... I hope you won't mind my soapbox for a moment.

I received both of those coupon codes in the mail and tried to use them both on separate orders and the company wouldn't let me use more than one. The back of the postcard indicated that I was allowed to use the code only once but they sent me two postcards with two separate codes. I re-tried purchasing with the codes three times over the last week only to find my order cancelled again and again and again. So, using more of my time, tonight I called and they told me that I was only allowed one code per address.

My purchases would have totaled over $300 but I guess the one code valued at a $20 discount meant more to them so... for as cute as their clothes are... I have to say, I am done shopping at Boston Proper. Good customer service would have admitted that although they should have only sent me one code, they would honor both.

But they didn't. And so, I am done.

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I ordered from Boston Proper recieved confirmation and spent 30 dollars on shipping for it to get to me in 2 days. 8 days has passed and I cannot understand why I have not recieved anything in the mail especially after paying extra.

I call only to talk to a rude help customer representative who acts like she bothered I called to get help. I find out that my order has been cancelled because they has a policy where they "confirm" your credit card information over the phone. I recieved no phone call, no email NOTHING and then my order is cancelled and I am unaware. I would not be as upset if the customer help had been more helpful and proffesional but I have NEVER had to confirm anything over the phone for an order.

Boston Proper will not recieve my business. I cancelled the entire 100 dollar order!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #202292

How did they inform you your order was cancelled? Did they send you an email, or did you get suspicious when you didn't get an order confirmation email?

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