When I was married to my first wife, for 29 years, I frequently purchased from Boston Proper. As she used to say, their clothes were sexy, but also wearable, and the prices were excellent.

She passed away and I eventully remarried. I tried BP several more times after that, and I was shocked. They don't even tell you up front that your products are unavailable until you are well into the ordering process. That "Available in 30 days" has been an outright lie where I was involved.

I ordered my bride a bra they had been pushing as a wedding present. Backordered and did not show up for Christmas. Cancelled the order, but they sent it anyway in a couple of months. It was the wrong size so I asked for an exchange, and then they said it was out of stock.

When I complained they said "Boston Proper has always been able to keep its prices down by being a backorder company." That is poppycock. Keep backordering your popular items and your customers eventually give up. And what is with their catalogs? The new management has gone to cheaper catalogs, much poorer quality photographers, and strange looking models who do not encourage me to buy anything.

Plus, it looks like they are photoshopping to make the models look 12 feet tall. I am fed up, and they have lost me as a customer.

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